What is a Then and Now Doubletake?

A Then and Now Doubletake is one photo with two separate images. Depending on the angle you are viewing the photo determines the image you see.  This example is one 8×10 photo:

  The first photo is taken from an angle that  shows one of my wedding portraits where I am kissing my dad on my wedding day .  The second  angle is a photo of my dad kissing me as a baby.


Nothing magic here ….just changing between two images as you moved past the photo……that’s all.

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A sister he never knew he had……


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Adoption in a Then and Now Doubletake

My heart is drawn to adoption and the beauty of it.   This is one of my favorite Then and Now Photos HABI2 copyThe Beauty of Adoption

Here is the story behind the photo, written by Tiffany Darling (www.amomentcherished.com) 

The moment I saw his brown eyes and sweet face, I knew that the starving boy, living and begging, for his survival, on the streets of Ethiopia was meant to be my son. I took a photo of him the day our lives collided, and I embedded him in my heart. That photo became one of my only tangible means to my son for over a year.  I carried it with me, and cried and prayed over the sweet, haunting boy in the photograph. I begged God to bring him home and to make him my son. Through months of paperwork and tears and being told “this is impossible and risky”, our son was forever plucked from the cruel streets and folded into our family as a beloved and cherished member of our family.

The redemption and change that took place in his life was nothing short of miraculous – for him and for us. It is hard to put into words the kind of transformation that took place, but when I opened up my package from Then and Now Doubletakes, the transformation was forever captured in a tangible portrait of redemption. The photograph literally took my breath away – one moment my son was staring at me with his sad brown eyes – hungry and desperate for love and family, and the next he was transformed into a bright eyed, million dollar smiley son sandwiched between my husband and I. It was the most perfect representation of the miracle of his life.

Our Then and Now Doubletakes photograph is a cherished treasure, and will surely be such for years to come. It is a precious reminder to our family of redemption and transformation. There is nothing else that has been able to so accurately capture this for us. We are forever thankful for this heirloom keepsake.


******Tiffany and Her Husband Jim are moving to Ethiopia and you can be a part of supporting them with each doubletake purchase you make.



This is the place we feature customers stories as a way to inspire you with ideas for your own Then and Now Doubletake. I can’t wait to introduce you to some of the most amazing pictures and stories I have received over the years.