Personalized 8 x10 Doubletake Photo

This is an 8x10 Photo created from 2 separate images provided by YOU  the customer.  The 8x10 changes between the 2 images as you move past it.  Many say it reminds them of the 3d cards that came in old cracker jack boxes, But these are much more sophisticated !

Remember these 3 simple steps when choosing your photos.

1. The photos can be any size. They do not have to be an 8x10.  I will resize them.

2.  The photos can be color or black and white.

3. The photos can be horizontal or vertical but its best if they are both the same.


You provide the photos, we work the magic!!

The process is simple! After you complete your purchase you can just email the photos you choose direct to & reference your order #.

You can also upload your photos and attach them to your order but it isn't required!

I can't wait to see your photos! 



 If you don't have your photos now ITS OK!  Purchase now and email the photos direct with your order # to 

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$ 50.00